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Four Pillars of Destiny is an accurate evaluation of a person, their background, talents, skills, intelligence, expression, potentials, relationships, success, challenges, health and predict upcoming events, whether favourable or unfavourable.

The Chinese believe that our destiny is a blend of fate and free will, a harmony of Heavenly, Human and Earthly Chi.

Four Pillars is a blueprint of what we are born with, so understanding your own elemental nature, you can live with more awareness of your own personality constitution and character & that of the people around you. 

Implementing the ancient techniques of Feng Shui to create harmony within one's self can be powerful and energising. Having the insight to the past, present and future, gives you the ability to forward plan, and understand, how you can establish a balance using the five elements in your approach to daily living, with your present environment. We believe that opening your mind to exciting and positive change can contribute to greater self awareness, which can benefit all areas of your life, and the people that surround you.

Destiny readings will help you to understand:

  • Your strengths,
  • Your weaknesses,
  • Your personality,
  • Your direction in life,
  • Your best times.

You will even benefit from how to balance out the bad times to lessen their effects.

Your date of birth is translated into elements and then the play of these elements is interpreted using time tested Chinese astrology.

Knowledge is power.


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